Stoneball - Introduction

Stoneball - Introduction

Postby Alex on 10 04 2011 18:59

After we decided to end the development of Cloneball Christof came up with an idea for a new game. Since we still haven't decided on a name, the project runs under the codename Stoneball and will be hosted under http://stoneball.xplodinghead.org

Stoneball is planned as a browser-based online multiplayer game where the players control tribes in the Stone Age. It will be turnbased and your goal is to ensure the survival and prosperity of your tribe.

At the moment we are collecting and evaluating ideas and discussions are open in the forum.

The basic web framework can be seen here: http://stoneball.xplodinghead.org

Concept ideas are located in the wiki.

Our project (in alpha stage) is hosted on github: https://github.com/AlexanderWatzinger/Stoneball
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